Meet the team

Academic staff

André Castro - Assistant Professor

My research topics are Computational Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering. The main focus of my research is on Human spine biomechanics and solutions for tissue repair.

Carlos Quental - Junior Researcher

My research is focused on the development of detailed biomechanical models for the analysis of human movement and joint pathologies, including the study of joint prostheses.

João Folgado - Associate Professor

My research fields are Computational Biomechanics, Tissue Biomechanics and Implant Design. The main focus of my research is on the study of joint pathologies and the design of orthopedic prostheses.

Jorge Ambrósio - Full Professor

My research is centered in Multibody Dynamics and its application in the different fields of engineering, namely in Biomechanics of the human and animal motion, Crashworthiness concerning structural impact and injury biomechanics.

Miguel Silva - Associate Professor

My research interests are human movement acquisition and analysis, musculoskeletal modeling and simulation, and design of medical devices for locomotion and manipulation.

Paulo Fernandes - Full Professor

My research topics are Tissue Biomechanics; Orthopaedic Implants and Biomedical Devices Design; Tissue Engineering.

PhD Students

Gonçalo Marta
Ivo Roupa
Sérgio Gonçalves
Tiago Pires
Jorge Santos
Madalena Antunes